A Smart Woman’s Travel Guide for a Rewarding Solo Trip

Leading Online Travel Agency offers tips for first-time solo travelers

Women are undeniably changing the travel industry as shown by a rise in popularity in both female group travel and in female solo travel.  CheapOair.com is proud to support the traveling women of the world and has some advice for women planning to set out on their first-ever adventure alone.

Do your research

There are some places that are very welcoming for female travelers and others that should be visited with caution. When choosing your destination, it’s a good practice to research local laws, customs, and travel advisories. This will come in handy when you’re deciding where to go, where to stay, how to get around, and even what to pack.

Talk to a travel agent

With all the information available online, sometimes reviewing your options can get overwhelming. A travel agent can help you sort through all of the flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities to find the best options for you. They can also help plan your entire itinerary from start to finish to ensure everything fits together perfectly. Some travel sites even have special phone-only deals that can help you save money. Talking to an agent might sound old-fashioned, but there’s nothing wrong in working with an experienced travel professional to make sure you get the exact trip you want. CheapOair’s trained travel agents are available by telephone at 1-646-738-4820.

 Be aware of your surroundings

Once you’ve selected where you want to go, CheapOair.com recommends studying maps and travel guides on the places you plan to visit. Try to find out if there are any areas or neighborhoods that are considered unsafe or should be avoided by tourist. Knowing where you are will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it will also help you look more confident. The more confidence you have, the less vulnerable you will seem to anyone looking to take advantage of tourists.

Get outside of your comfort zone

Solo travel is a great time to really challenge yourself. Put your devices away and talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to, go on an excursion you wouldn’t normally go on, and embrace the fact that you are the sole decision maker and it is only your opinion that matters for the duration of the trip.

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OneTravel Data Shows Baby Boomers Are Embracing Adventure Travel

Data Shows the Top Destinations, Trends and Average Price Points for Travelers Between the ages of 61 and 80 this Season 

OneTravel, a leading online travel agency, has released the top destinations Baby Boomers over the age of 60 are traveling to this spring. The booking data shows the top domestic and international destinations Boomers are jet-setting to, along with unique trends for this age group, and the average cost of plane tickets this spring.

While Boomers continue to travel to more traditional vacation spots for retirees like Orlando, Florida and Cancun, Mexico, booking data shows they are getting more adventurous this year, by heading to up-and-coming destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Peru.

European cities appear to be the most appealing international choice for Boomers with seven cities making it into the top 20 this year. Select European gateways have seen significant price decreases year over year which may be contributing to their increase in popularity. According to OneTravel’s data, flights to Paris are 19% cheaper, flights to Dublin are 14% cheaper, and flights to Rome are 12% cheaper than in 2017. [1]

Domestically, Boomers continue to frequent warm weather destinations such as Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Top 20 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations for Boomers in 2018 [2]

About OneTravel

OneTravel is a leading online travel agency that offers deals for savvy travelers seeking both quality and value. Launched in the mid-nineties, OneTravel is now recognized globally for providing one-stop shopping for all travel needs. Customers have access to millions of cheap flights including business class and first class airfares, hotel rooms, car rentals, and cheap vacation packages to top destinations around the world. Visit OneTravel’s social media pages at www.facebook.com/onetravel and www.twitter.com/onetravel. For an on-the-go travel concierge experience, download OneTravel’s app for Apple or Android


[1] Based on passengers ages 61 – 80 booked for travel from 3/1/18 – 4/30/18.

[2] Based on average roundtrip airfare for tickets booked before 2/19/18 for travel 3/1/18 – 4/30/18 compared to the average roundtrip airfare during the same time period in 2017.

[3] Based on average roundtrip airfare for tickets booked before 2/19/18 for travel 3/1/18 – 4/30/18. Average airfare rounded to the nearest dollar.

In a Male-Dominated Profession, Fareportal’s Female Data Scientists Shine

In November 2017, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that while women fill 47% of total U.S. jobs, they only hold 24% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs[i].

Despite being in the minority, Sarah Steele and Jialu Yan, both Data Scientists at Fareportal – a company on the forefront of technological innovation in the travel industry – are two key players who are driving the company’s innovation, as well as paving the way for females in the data science field.

Sara Steele was drawn to data science from a young age thanks to sci-fi series, Star Trek. She became fascinated by the machine learning that seemed to make many of the plot lines possible. This fascination carried her all the way through a Master’s Degree from Columbia University to her latest endeavor,  a PhD from New York University.

“I love working with data because it’s like a puzzle,” said Steel. “You put in the time working though it and then when you finally figure it out, you have this ‘Ah-Ha’ moment, giving you a great sense of accomplishment.”

A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, Jialu Yan also credits television for her interest in the field.  She recalls learning about how, in 2011, Netflix was able to guarantee that their first attempt at original content would be a success. Ultimately, they used big data to analyze their audiences’ interests in order to concept, cast, and produce their hit political thriller, House of Cards. “I was so intrigued by the insights about their audience that they were able to extract,” said Yan. “When I started to think about how this can help us solve real life problems, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue professionally.”

From machine learning, to artificial intelligence, to the internet of things, the field is exploding and is only expected to continue its rapid growth for years to come. Yan envisions data science moving from being a separate department within companies to being intrinsic across all teams and verticals, driving decisions and becoming the key to building products.

“Working on a team of smart women has provided me with a great atmosphere to grow professionally,” said Yan. “The team works very closely together and we are able to generate a lot of inspiration and new ideas. As a whole, the environment at Fareportal doesn’t put any extra pressure on us to perform because we are females; it is more focused around our own personal capabilities.”

“Having women working on our data, technology, and product teams means more than just checking a diversity box,” said Corissa Leong, SVP of People & Culture at Fareportal. “We’ve observed that our teams excel when there is diversity of all kinds. Our management and our employees highly value the different ideas and perspectives each person can bring to the table.”

Steele feels fortunate to work alongside other scientific-minded women at Fareportal. She can recount a lack of female mentorship during her education and career and hopes to change that for the next generation of data enthusiasts.

“Young women should consider data science as a career for the same reason anyone should consider it — its powerful, engaging, and rewarding, but most importantly, it’s changing the world around us every day,” says Steele.

About Fareportal

Fareportal is a travel technology company powering a next generation travel concierge service. Utilizing its innovative technology and company owned and operated global contact centers, Fareportal has built strong industry partnerships providing customers access to over 450 airlines, 1 million hotels, and hundreds of car rental companies around the globe. With a portfolio of consumer travel brands including CheapOair and OneTravel, Fareportal enables consumers to book online, on mobile apps for iOS and Android, by phone, or live chat. Fareportal provides its airline partners with access to a broad customer base that books high-yielding international travel and add-on ancillaries.

[i] http://www.esa.doc.gov/reports/women-stem-2017-update