In response to the escalating concerns of overtourism in popular travel destinations, CheapOair, a leading online travel agency operated by New York based Fareportal, Inc, encourages travelers to explore alternative destinations through its Miles Away blog. This week, the blog site published an insightful article titled, “Escape the Crowds, Combat Overtourism with These ‘Destination Dupes'”, highlighting lesser known yet equally enchanting locations that offer a similar experience without the crowds. 

Overtourism creates environmental strain, inflated costs, and a diminished experience for both locals and visitors. In many cases, local governments have been forced to act, such as Machu Picchu in Peru and the Acropolis in Athens placing caps on the number of daily visitors. However, savvy travelers should view this as an opportunity to explore different options off the beaten path. The concept of “destination dupes” advocates for exploring alternative destinations that provide the ambiance, historical richness, and cultural vibrancy akin to popular destinations but without the overwhelming crowds. 

Miami – Durban, South Africa 

Miami is considered the most over-touristed city in the United States, with data showing 18.6 visitors per 1 resident in 2023. This has contributed to overtourism challenges impacting the environment and affordability for tourists and locals. CheapOair MilesAway suggests Durban, South Africa, as an alternative, offering beautiful beaches, a warm subtropical climate, and a rich cultural mix.  Durban’s Golden Mile, architectural influences and cultural festivals make it a captivating substitute for those seeking Miami’s coastal allure with a distinctive South African twist. 

Santorini – Paros, Greece 

Santorini’s charm is undeniable, but the environmental strain and overcrowding have prompted searches for alternatives. Paros, Greece, part of the Cyclades, provides a captivating option with picturesque villages, golden beaches, and a deep cultural heritage. Paros offers the same aesthetic as Santorini, without the crowd-induced stress, allowing for a more relaxed and authentic experience. 

Amsterdam – Gdansk, Poland 

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and vibrant cultural scene draw millions of tourists, contributing to overcrowding and increased living costs for locals. Addressing this, city officials have taken measures to address “nuisance tourism” in particular, by enacting a limit on holiday rentals and capping the number of bed and breakfasts allowed in each city district. Gdansk, Poland is a compelling alternative, boasting beautiful waterways, impressive architecture, and a rich maritime history.  

Phuket – Da Nang, Vietnam 

Phuket was named the world’s most overcrowded tourist destination according to information published in October 2023 by Travel Weekly Asia. Da Nang, Vietnam, is an alluring substitute, offering natural beauty and cultural vibrance. Da Nang’s pristine shores, cultural wonders and fewer tourists provide a relaxed and rewarding travel experience. 

Glenn Cusano, Fareportal President and CFO, has this to say, “Travel is our business, and we consider it our duty to help the traveling public explore the world. 2024 has just begun, and travelers are already beginning to make their vacation plans for the year. In addition to the “Destination Dupes” shared in this CheapOair MilesAway article, our writers frequently address the topic of responsible tourism. I urge readers to visit the site frequently for travel ideas and inspiration.” 

To view the entire list of suggested destinations and read the complete article, visit Miles Away . 


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