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Fareportal is a global company specialized in travel. Over the last two decades, we have developed best-in-class products and services built to address our travel partners’ needs. We are here to help your business maximize its revenue and productivity potential all while delighting customers.

Products and Services

Created by unbundling our Fintech and Content services, which have served our top brands, businesses, and customers over the last two decades

Chargeback as a service

Help businesses analyze chargeback root causes and highlight areas of improvement leading to prevention of chargebacks in the future
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Airline Data lab

Provide airline search and booking insights by origin and destination cities
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Payments as a service

Plug-and-play solution to accept payments from businesses
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Fraud Prevention Automation

Help businesses prevent online fraud in real-time
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NDC Integrator

One stop shop for airline integrations, content management and post booking services
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Travel chatbot

Assist customers with post-booking support and pre-sales queries
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Rapid Refunds

Enable customers to cancel their ticket for any reason in exchange for airline credit, refund, or loyalty points
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Employee Pilferage Data Monitor

Provides early warning signs of suspicious behavior through continous data monitoring and analysis
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