CheapOair Data Reveals Growth in Bookings to Exotic Destinations Worldwide

NEW YORK, September 10, 2013

Leading online travel agency CheapOair has released data illustrating a year over year increase in travel to exotic destinations worldwide, along with a decrease in roundtrip airfare to those same destinations. Comparing the first two quarters of 2012 with the first two quarters of 2013, data suggests customers are booking trips to countries that, until now, have not always been perceived as popular vacation destinations.

Destinations with the greatest increase in bookings and the greatest decrease in roundtrip airfare include Tanzania, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam and Ecuador. Travel to each of these destinations has increased by at least 35 percent with bookings to Tanzania nearly doubling year over year. Airfare prices to Ecuador decreased the most by 17 percent followed by Turkey at 10 percent, the latter of which also had one of the largest increases in bookings.

Destination / YoY Booking Increase in % / YoY Price Change in %

Destination YoY Booking Increase in % YoY Price Change in %
Tanzania 49% -6%
Turkey 44% -10%
Malaysia 44% -6%
Vietnam 40% -1%
Ecuador 38% -17%

“People often think that international destinations are out of reach,” said Chris Cuddy, Chief Commercial Officer at CheapOair, after noting the year over year decrease in the price of roundtrip airfare to these unique destinations. “By comparing flight deals on CheapOair, customers can utilize savings to enhance their trips in other ways.”

CheapOair’s travel specialists suggest customers not only take advantage of airfare deals to exotic destinations but also maximize the time they spend there. For example, visitors to Ecuador can travel to the Galapagos Islands, world renowned for their unique wildlife. Similarly, those who travel to Tanzania in Africa can explore the Serengeti, or spend a few days on the beaches in Zanzibar.

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SOURCE: CheapOair

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