CheapOair enables customers to book bags on Spirit Airlines in industry first

New feature will help travelers save time and money by paying ahead for bags

July 8, 2014

CheapOair announced today that it has been chosen by Spirit Airlines as the first distribution partner to offer its customers the airline’s paid baggage options. Customers who book their Spirit Airlines ticket on CheapOair will be offered this time and money saving feature, which can save them up to 50 percent by purchasing checked or carry-on bags at the time of booking instead of at the airport gate.

“Making sure Spirit customers are fully informed about our low Bare Fares(TM) and how they control their options is our goal,” said Rich Lowry, Director of Distribution and Sales at Spirit Airlines. “CheapOair is helping us achieve this goal as they are the first online travel agency to sell our baggage options on their website. We are looking forward to working with CheapOair as together we can save people money on their air travel.”

CheapOair customers can benefit from the ability to pay for their baggage option ahead of time, which will simplify their experience at the airport. At the same time, a more streamlined check-in process will also help Spirit Airlines realize more efficient airport operations and predictable baggage sales.

“We’re happy to offer our customers the option to pay for their bags ahead of time,” said Tom Spagnola, senior vice president of supplier relations at CheapOair. “We encourage travelers to book on CheapOair as they can find deals with leading low-cost airlines like Spirit that give them greater control over the perks that will save them time and money, and enhance their trip.”

SOURCE CheapOair

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