CheapOair profiles notable African Americans in Celebration of Black History Month

Online Travel Agency Curates Content to Pay Tribute to African American Culture

CheapOair®, a leading flights-focused hybrid travel agency, has partnered with several members of the African American community to share their stories of overcoming adversity, embracing their heritage, and contributing to the rich history of African Americans.

CheapOair’s Miles Away blog kicked off the campaign with an exclusive profile of two-time Emmy Award-winning violinist, Damien Escobar. Escobar is a native of Queens, New York and was the youngest student to be accepted into The Juilliard School at the age of 10. Following numerous hardships, Escobar found himself hitting rock bottom and living on the New York City subway in 2012. He has since worked his way out of his personal struggles and has used the power of his music to become one of the most recognized violinists in the world.

Through all of his success, Escobar remains committed to giving back to the community and is an activist for keeping the arts in public schools. He has worked with various charitable organizations and even founded his own charity, M.A.D.E – Music and Arts with Damien Escobar – to purchase violins for schools with limited musical education funding.

For the campaign, CheapOair also partnered Erick Prince, a photographer, philanthropist, and world traveler seeking to be the first African American to visit every country in the world. Prince uses his photography to share his view of the world and its people, through his lens.

Additionally, Miles Away highlighted Gloria Atanmo, a world-renowned African American solo female traveler, and Myra Parks, a woman from Los Angeles who moved with her family to rediscover their roots to Ghana.

The CheapOair Miles Away blog is dedicated to creating an inclusive community and is proud to celebrate the diversity, culture, and history of people around the world. To learn more about our featured African Americans and for additional content on Black History Month, visit the CheapOair Miles Away blog.

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