Flying for Thanksgiving? Here’s How to Survive One of the Busiest Travel Days of the Year

Leading Online Travel Agency Releases Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

When traveling over the holidays, travelers have come to expect that they will likely face crowds, long lines, and even delays. According to data reported by CheapOair®, the day before Thanksgiving is consistently ranked as one of the top three busiest travel days of the year. This year, the online travel agency and leading provider of cheap flights is offering some tips to help holiday travelers breeze through the airport.

Allow Extra Time

From the ride to the airport to the lines for security, passengers should plan on allowing extra time for Thanksgiving air travel. For starters, travelers should check-in online as soon as the option becomes available – typically 24 hours before departure. Next, comes ground transportation. Whether relying on family, friends, a cab, or public transit, travelers should remember that air travel isn’t the only transportation pain point during the holidays. Factors such as weather and time of day should be taken into consideration when evaluating the already congested roadways. Lastly, it is important to remember that everything at the airport takes longer on those extra busy travel days. Travelers should allot plenty of time for checking bags, clearing airport security, and getting to the gate.

Charge Up Mobile Devices in Advance

For busy travel days like Thanksgiving, travelers can expect to spend more time in the airport compared to a typical travel day. More time in the airport often means more time spent on mobile devices. Though many airports have started adding mobile-friendly amenities such as charging stations, it’s best not to count on these being available. Instead, CheapOair recommends that travelers charge up devices before heading to the airport and consider carrying a portable charging device, just in case.

Stay Ahead of Delays and Disruptions

No one likes to be delayed, especially during the holidays. Before heading to the airport, travelers should double check with their airline to make sure there haven’t been any drastic updates to their flight. To eliminate the manual work, many airlines offer travelers the ability to opt-in for SMS updates while checking-in online.  This allows updates to be automatically sent as they happen. In the case of a delay, it may be tempting to put off going to the airport. However, travelers should keep in mind that new departure times are estimates and can be moved forward if the cause of the delay has been resolved. If an extended delay or cancellation arises, CheapOair advises calling the airline’s customer support line instead of waiting for assistance at the airport. The agents on the phone are generally able to assist in the same way as the gate personnel.


Pack Less and Carry On

Thanksgiving air travel often means long lines, especially to drop-off baggage. With a little preparation and planning, travelers can limit their baggage and plan to carry-on rather than check their luggage. CheapOair suggests that travelers should verify to see what is included with their ticket before packing, keeping in mind that most Basic Economy fares do not include carry-on baggage.

Splurge for an Airport Lounge Pass

The battle with the masses might seem over after passing through airport security, but oftentimes the gate area can be just as crowded. Day passes to many airport lounges can be purchased for a fee and offer a calmer and more comfortable place to relax, plus complimentary food and drinks.

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