On National Book Lovers Day, Fly With CheapOair to Author Homes

CheapOair®, the online travel agency and a leading provider of affordable flights, is celebrating National Book Lovers Day by sharing their list of must-see American authors homes. Each of these iconic homesteads will fit perfectly into any bibliophile’s travel itinerary.

Emily Dickinson and Museum – Amherst, Massachusetts
While it’s true that Emily Dickinson spent most of her adult life in relative seclusion, the home in which she spent her days was an idyllic New England gem tucked away in Amherst, Massachusetts. When in Dickinson’s room it’s all too easy to imagine her sitting at her desk and composing one of the thousands of poems she wrote in her lifetime.  The Emily Dickinson Museum boasts art, impeccably preserved Victorian furniture, and intimate glimpses into the life of a woman whose life is still shrouded in mystery.

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Ernest Hemingway’s Home – Key West, Florida
Almost everything you need to know about the man Hemingway was could be found in his opulent Key West Spanish Colonial style home. Filled to the brim with hunting trophies from his African safaris, an inground pool, Spanish inspired architecture, and approximately 40 polydactyl cats all said to be descendants of Hemingway’s own cat Snow White, who was given to him by a ship captain some time after moving into the home.

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The Mark Twain House – Hartford, Connecticut
As you could expect from the eccentric and sharp mind of Mark Twain, his home was one of innovation and many modern flourishes for the time it was built in 1874. Luxuries such as running water, a working telephone, and even a conservatory stocked fully with thriving green plants. Although the house was sold in 1903, it’s widely agreed that Twain’s happiest family memories took place in this lovely Victorian home.

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William Faulkner – Rowan Oak – Oxford Mississippi
Located in Oxford, Mississippi, which has become a literary mecca in its own right, William Faulkner’s home boasts beautiful grounds with 29 acres to stroll through. Faulkner, who bought the house to live a more peaceful life, was constantly making renovations and that care is still very apparent as one explores its rooms. Faulkner also had a unique habit of writing drafts of his works directly on the walls – some of which are still visible to visitors today!

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The Steinbeck House – Salinas, California
Although most famously known for writing about life’s hardships during the Great Depression, John Steinbeck’s childhood home was one of relative comfort. Located in scenic Salinas, California, this idyllic Victorian home is where Steinbeck spent his formative years before going on to write classics such as The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden.

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