CheapOair Offers Insight on How to Take a Fun and Safe Family Summer Vacation

CheapOair, the travel experience experts, know that more than ever, safety is paramount as the world begins to slowly open to travelers. With summer fast approaching, many families are wondering if their usual summer vacations will have to wait. The good news is that people who have been isolating with their family should be safe traveling with them.

“Most Americans have been quarantined with immediate family, so there’s not that much of a difference traveling with the immediate family who you have been quarantined with,” said Dr. Davidson Hamer, Professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston University School of Public Health and School of Medicine.

How families travel will look very different though and CheapOair has tips and tricks that will help folks have a memorable and, above all, safe summer vacation experience.

Visit National Parks
The United States boasts 58 national parks that cover over 84 million acres of land, leaving plenty of room for social distancing.

“Being outside or in a well-ventilated area is ideal for helping to control the spread of the virus. Visiting national parks and exploring hiking trails is a great way to vacation,” remarked Dr. Hamer.

Although, before hitting the road it’s essential to thoroughly research because several parks are only partially opened and have increased safety guidelines. The National Park Service Public Health page is a good starting point.

Visitors should also expect less resources to be available to them at the park sites, so it’s best to come fully prepared with first-aid, food, and any other supplies you may need.

The Closer, the Better
You don’t have to go too far to get away. In fact, staying local might be the best bet for most families. Luckily, there are thousands of beaches, hiking trails, lakes, and parks within a couple of hours from home for most Americans. It may even be plausible to use vacation home rentals in nearby towns for a change of scenery if the host has properly adhered to hygiene guidelines. When looking for a local vacation spot, it’s best to pick somewhere that has very few shared facilities. The more space and privacy a family has minimizes the risk of getting sick.

Stay Informed
It’s very important to research the intended destination before departing as different states and territories may have varying rules and restrictions. The CDC recommends checking with state and local health departments for making any traveling decisions.

No matter where your summer vacation destination ends up being, check CDC guidelines, and state and local policies.

“Different areas of the country saw COVID-19 peak at different times with different intensities. “While we may see the transmission of the virus substantially decrease during the summer, we’re expecting a resurgence in the fall so it’s important to remain diligent in hygiene practices and social distancing,” said Dr. Hamer.


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