Fareportal Introduces Flight Booking Widget to Travel & Ecommerce Industries

2020 has triggered many changes to how companies view their product offerings.  While much of this upheaval has been challenging, there are instances where necessity has truly spawned exciting new invention.

Fareportal, the travel technology company powering CheapOair and OneTravel, announced today the unveiling of a new airline ticket booking widget that will be available to select industry partners.  With this widget, ecommerce providers will be able to insert airline ticket purchase functionality onto their sites by placing a single small piece of code.  Once in place, partners will be able to offer and sell airline tickets by accessing CheapOair and OneTravel’s database of tens of millions of searchable itineraries accessing over 600 airlines worldwide.

“What’s exciting here is the ease of implementation.  We’re already speaking with a variety of traditional travel partners and are also seeing interest from some compelling lifestyle brands,” said J. Andrew Stein, Fareportal Director of Innovation.  “Companies are seeking ways to increase their revenue.  By offering flight purchases via our fully responsive widget, they will be able to offer their customers a needed and in-demand service.”

Fareportal founder and CEO, Sam S. Jain, continues, “One of our core beliefs as a company is the importance of making travel accessible to everyone.  With our new fight booking widget, we are expanding the availability of a secure and comprehensive travel booking experience.”

Demand for Fareportal’s new widget is already growing, and initial marketplace reaction has been strong.

About Fareportal
Featuring a suite of brands with a 42-year history, Fareportal is a technology company that powers leading hybrid travel agencies like CheapOair, OneTravel, and Travelong. Fareportal’s unique hybrid business model bridges the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional travel agency by providing a convenient online booking capability as well as a 24/7 personalized trip booking experience arranged by hundreds of trained and certified travel agents in multiple countries and in multiple languages.


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