OneTravel Shares Tips on How to Prepare for An International Trip

Whether you’re taking your first international trip or you just need a refresher on how to prepare, is sharing some tips to make sure travelers have fun, memorable, and safe global getaways this summer.

Purchase travel insurance: It’s no secret that international trips are expensive. Purchasing insurance may ensure you’re able to recuperate the cost of your trip in case something goes unexpectedly wrong. Though most travel insurance policies don’t cover when a passenger arbitrarily cancels a trip, they do cover occurrences like sickness, injury, natural disaster, or terrorist incident. All travel insurance policies are different, so make sure you read what exactly is covered under your policy.

Let your bank know you’re traveling: Identity security is a top priority these days, especially for financial institutions, so it’s not unusual for a bank to freeze or cancel your credit or debit card if it sees unusual activity. To avoid being locked out of your accounts, give your bank a call before you leave to let them know when you’ll be out of the country and what countries you’ll be visiting.

Print hotel, car, or activity confirmations: Even if you are traveling with an international phone plan, it’s a good idea to have your email confirmations printed out just in case. Printing them before you leave will also force you to review your reservations to make sure all of the booking information is correct.

Make copies of important documents: If you fall victim to theft, it is critical to have photocopies of your travel documents and other important items in your wallet. According to the U.S. Department of State, having a copy of your passport helps with getting a replacement for your return trip. Photocopies of other items in your wallet will provide back-up identification and will remind you of any credit cards you need to cancel.

Study up on your destination: Whether you think so or not, you will likely stick out as a foreigner when you are traveling abroad. Before you leave, look at a map and try to get an idea of the layout of your destination city. It’s also recommended to learn some of the basic customs and laws to make sure you are acting appropriately. To go the extra mile, learning key phrases in the local language is always appreciated by locals.

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